A Strategy-First Approach to Marketing

Whether you need a full-funnel marketing plan, a freshly designed website, or full brand development, we begin every engagement with The OTM Path to Growth® to ensure we have a clear strategy before moving forward.

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The OTM Path to Growth®

The OTM Path to Growth® is a strategic framework we designed to help clients close the gap between business objectives and marketing strategy.

Through a series of collaborative exercises, we help leaders better understand how to position their businesses competitively in today’s world.The output is a defined market position accompanied by messaging, a marketing strategy, and a roadmap for growth.

Are you ready to chart your path to growth?

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Each exercise builds on the findings from the previous,
creating a clear path forward. 

This process is incredibly powerful and has allowed our clients to not only see their business in a new light but also develop a clear path to achieving their goals.

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“Using OTM’s Path to Growth Model, OTM not only gave me a path forward, but they helped me clarify my strategy, direction, and actions for how to set and launch my business. I was able to launch quickly and I see the flywheel ahead that is necessary to accelerate customer intake and revenue building. Thrilled with the outcome!!”

Dana Sednek

Strategic Consultant

Our strategic capabilities

The following are some of the potential collaborative exercises and projects we offer as a part of our strategy framework.

    • Market Research
    • Focus Groups & Customer Interviews
    • Persona Development
    • Brand Story Development
    • Market Positioning
    • Journey & Experience Mapping
    • Go-To-Market Plans
    • Full-Funnel Marketing Plans

Our goal is to help our clients achieve & sustain prime

With a renewed clarity of vision, companies in a state of prime establish an even balance between control and flexibility. Everything comes together. Disciplined yet innovative, companies consistently meet their customers’ needs. New businesses sprout up within the organization, and they are decentralized to provide new life-cycle opportunities.

– Ichak Adizes, Author of “The Pursuit of Prime”

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How to Create a Solid Growth Strategy for Your Business

Starting and growing a business is no walk in the park. In fact, 45% of new businesses fail within the first five years and only a select few ever reach significant revenue milestones.

So how can you set your business up for success?

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Marketing solutions for your business needs

At OTM, we don't try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all services package. We know that each business or organization is unique. Each of you has different skills in-house, different strategic initiatives, and different priorities – that's why we shape each of our engagements around you and your specific business objectives.

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Digital Advertising

We meet your audience where they are through targeted digital advertising. From Google Search campaigns to comprehensive Facebook and Instagram campaigns, we create valuable brand experiences for your target audience backed by data and analytics.

About Digital Advertising

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With account-based marketing, we set our focus on identifying, engaging with, and nurturing relationships with key accounts. Rather than marketing to the many, we narrow our focus and market to who we’ve collectively identified as your target customer.

About Account-Based Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

Our inbound marketing efforts give your audience a break from the noise. We help you foster lasting relationships with your customers through quality content tailored to their needs, and we guide your customers seamlessly from curious investigators to loyal brand advocates.

About Inbound Marketing

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HubSpot Enablement

As a HubSpot Partner, we help you connect your sales and marketing with powerful attribution and automation tools leveraging the HubSpot platform. By streamlining and automating basic marketing and sales functions, we free you up to focus on growing your business.

About HubSpot Enablement

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Public Relations

Through public relations efforts, we help you capture attention and create positive sentiment around your brand. Our PR campaigns will ensure your story is in front of your target audience in a timely and efficient manner.

About Public Relations

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Website Design
& Development

Every website we create is designed and developed to appeal to your audience, achieve your business goals, and provide an engaging user experience. From the early stages of strategy to the final test, your new website from OTM is crafted with excellence.

About Website Design & Development

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Photo & Video

Good marketing and good design require good photography and videography. Our team of creatives will focus on creating quick-to-market visuals that align with and represent your brand and vision.

About Photo & Video

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Your brand is the sum of all parts: it’s your story. We’ll partner with you to marry your market positioning with branding elements in order to create a visual representation of who you are as a business and how you wish to be perceived.

About Branding

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Strategy & Consulting

We understand that a full-service marketing strategy isn’t what all of our clients need. That’s why we provide a consulting option for clients who have completed The OTM Path to Growth® but need a more flexible engagement.

About Strategy & Consulting

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