Branding Your Business for Growth

Through the OTM Brand for Growth Process™, we partner with you to marry your market positioning with branding elements in order to create a visual representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived by the world through colors, shapes, words, patterns, and more.

At its core, branding is about representing your unique identity in a way that communicates value and establishes bonds with your audience. At OTM, we love to build brands with meaning. We don’t just slap together a logo and call it good, in fact, we constantly harp on the fact that your brand is much bigger than a logo!

Your brand is the sum of all parts: it’s your story, it’s how you package your product, the colors that you use, the photos that you choose, and the emotions that you, your product or your service evoke from people – and why.

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The OTM Brand for Growth Process™

Building your brand with OTM is a collaborative process that results in a unique strategy tailored to your marketing efforts.


Define Shared Strategic Direction

We’ll start by auditing your existing brand and brainstorming potential direction for the new one. We’ll bring that direction to a collaborative meeting where we’ll identify desired paths forward for expanding or limiting the brand in its entirety – including colors, fonts, patterns, etc., and application of each.

Establish Brand Hierarchy and Design Direction

Next, we’ll put together sample brand elements (and brand hierarchy ideas if applicable) to be reviewed in a follow-up strategy session where we’ll solidify a direction for fonts, colors, iconography, patterns, and more. Then it’s on to concept creation!

Concept Creation & Feedback Look

We typically begin with three initial design concepts, each varying in style, in order to continue to funnel down into the finalization of the primary brand. We then go through the feedback loop until we’ve narrowed down the concept to the final one.

Brand Finalization & Delivery

Once the brand strategy has been finalized, OTM will develop a comprehensive brand guideline booklet that will outline logo guidelines, typography, colors, ADA compliance guidelines, design assets, pattern creation, and brand story and messaging guidelines.

Branding Resources

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