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Rather than disrupting your audience with content they’re not looking for, inbound marketing is all about creating content that your audience is interested in and publishing it across platforms to attract them into your marketing funnel.

Included in inbound marketing is essentially anything that will provide value to your audience. This can include social media marketing efforts, content creation, email marketing and more.

The trick is to build content that not only attracts customers but also retains them once they arrive.

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Our Inbound Marketing Capabilities

Inbound marketing was coined by HubSpot, and as a HubSpot Partner, many of our team members are certified in everything inbound-marketing-related. By combining our storytelling expertise with graphic design, videography and photography, and digital advertising, we are able to manage your inbound marketing from top to bottom (awareness to retention).

A properly implemented inbound marketing strategy will result in a continuously growing audience that helps drive your business’s success. By identifying your target audience, what their needs and pain points are, and then curating valuable content that directly correlates with those needs and pain points, your business will become a solution they’ll rave about (and share with others).


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HubSpot Enablement

“We have been working with OTM – Old Town Media – since 2015. They have a great team and have been so easy to work with over the years. Originally, we had them build us a new and improved website, but over time they have helped us with marketing, SEO optimization, video production, brand awareness, and more. They are a full-service marketing company!”

Debbie Hawthorne

Executive Director, Colorado Roofing Association

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