A Quick Guide to Receiving Customer Reviews

Statistics show that the majority of all online users refer to customer reviews before they buy a product, a service or interact with a company. Especially with the increase of online businesses and digital marketing, brand reputations are often built solely upon the reviews being left by online users.

No matter the tenure of a business, a review can make or break future success. Here we lay out some ideas and tips for you and your business regarding how to get customer reviews.

How to Get Customer Reviews

There are plenty of ways to receive reviews besides on Google and Yelp. As a matter of fact, the easiest ways to get reviews are through email marketing and your website. Email marketing is a great way to capture good reviews from clients that are already a fan of your product or services. If they are subscribed to your email list, odds are they are a fan of you! Craft an email blast and ask for reviews on something that may have purchased from you or just their experience in general. You can collect these reviews on your website and house them on corresponding pages.

If you find that you are having trouble receiving reviews, you can always send the request with an incentive. For example, by issuing a 15% coupon with the successful submission of a review, users are more likely to leave one.

When To Get Customer Reviews

You’re going to want to reach out for customer reviews in a timely manner. The more time that passes between an interaction or purchase, the less likely the customer is to care about giving a review or even remembering details to mention within it. The best time to send an email asking for reviews is during the week when people are most likely to be in their email inbox more often.

Why It’s Important to Get Customer Reviews

Engaging in a customer experience, whether it be good or bad, makes them feel heard, respected and appreciated. Creating relationships is what develops brand loyalty to keep them coming back, or better yet, referring your business to other people! It is also important to note how you respond to reviews. Other customers that are reading reviews will notice how you are interacting which is another great way to increase your brand reputation!

If you have more questions about customer reviews or brand reputation, check out the Public Relations services we offer at OTM!