Your Qs: Do You Custom-Design Your Sites or use Themes?

We’re continuing our series of answering your most common questions and today we’re going to answer a very common question – do you custom design everything or use themes to build your sites and which is better?

The short answer is that we custom design and code 99% of all websites that we make.

Custom design and custom code is simply better because you’re getting a clean slate with a deep understanding of the ecosystem as well as a unique, one-off site. Your site design will truly be yours as opposed to a template that 1,000 other sites are using.

The main problem with themes is that they can be bought and used by an infinite number of people.

This means that if you’re using a template/theme for your website, odds are that 100 – 1,000 other websites are doing the exact same thing. You want an edge on your competitors and industry – you don’t want to be using the exact same site or setup.

On top of that issue, the code in those themes is often bloated and it’s difficult to add or modify functionality. This works for a lot of people – but there always comes a point where you want the logo moved or you want a different contact form or to change the background color and a change that would have normally taken 5-10 minutes will now take an hour. That costs you a lot of money and frustration over time. Custom-coded themes don’t have that problem.

You’re also getting a brand-spankin new site that incorporates modern design standards and exceeds all coding standards.

If you have any more questions, we would love to hear them! Give our business development specialist, David, a call at 970-568-5253. He loves answering questions!