Your Guide to Seasonal Marketing

What is this Seasonal Marketing You Speak of?

What do Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Hallmark Movies and Black Friday all have in common? They are all seasonal marketing strategies. Fall is in the air and the holiday season is right around the corner! Are you prepared to get ahold of your audience and clientele this season? Here is your guide to seasonal marketing:

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

  1. Pay attention to trends but don’t get sucked in. It is very easy to look at a marketing strategy and see that it works, and automatically think that’s the answer.
  2. Don’t try to fit into a specific mold. Just because something is popular for someone else, doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. Different businesses attract different audiences. Be original and cater to your audience, they want to hear from you!
  3. Think about what’s next, not what’s now. In this ever-changing world, we live in, trends in media and in business are shifting by the minute. It’s important to prepare for the future, not necessarily the present.

Some Examples You Can Reference

Take any opportunity you can get to really dive into your target audience. What are they sure to get excited about?

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Back to School
  • The Super Bowl
  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Any nationally celebrated holiday:
    Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.
    If there’s a specific holiday or strategy that speaks to you, chances are it’s going to speak to your audience too!

What Seasonal Marketing Strategy are You? Based on these 5 questions!

1. My favorite time of the year is:
a. Spring, I guess.
b. Summer, let’s go to the lake.
c. Fall is when I feel my best.
d. Winter, gimme all the Holiday greetings!

2. When I see a cheesy advertisement I…
a. Run for the hills.
b. Don’t really think anything of it.
c. As long as it involves coffee, I’m paying attention.
d. Take into consideration that it’s somebody’s job??

3. My favorite holiday food is:
a. I stick to my meal plan, no matter the time of the year.
b. I do love a good pumpkin pie.
c. My mom gave me a dope gingerbread cookie recipe in college.
d. Turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and chili OH and those Orange Oreos!!

4. I consume various forms of media (TV, Social Media, Pinterest, Youtube, etc)…
a. I keep it at 5-6 hours a week.
b. It depends on the day, honestly.
c. Every day I spend after dinner catching up from what I missed.
d. As much as humanly possible.

5. I usually skip through commercials:
a. I’ve already skipped through this quiz.
b. Mostly, yeah.
c. I sometimes like to see what’s going on!
d. I would NEVER.


I Got…
Mostly A’s– Offseason marketing. You are the hardest part of marketing, those in-between areas. You are the time between July and September, where there aren’t any more Summer holidays, but we can’t quite put out the pumpkins yet. We are not exactly sure how you’ll react to messages, but we enjoy the challenge!
Mostly B’s- The wild card. We pull this out when nothing else is working. The specialty events, the buy-one-get-ones.
Mostly C’s– The mostly reliable. It works most of the time, but it’s definitely a trying process. You likely watch the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials.
Mostly D’s– The crowd favorite!! You are the Pumpkin Spice Latte, The Santa Clause on the Coca-Cola, the Pumpkin Pie M&M’s. People just can’t get enough of you. Thank you for being you!

*If you got mixed-matched results or better yet, one of each: OTM is your point of contact, and can help you figure out what Seasonal Marketing Strategy will be best for you this season.