Your customers are using tablets, are you?

Today, Time Inc. announced that it would be releasing all of it’s magazine’s on full purpose-built applications for tablets. This is a massive undertaking, as releasing even one publication on a broad spectrum of tablets requires cooperation and use of an entire staff to pull off. New deadlines, editorial guidelines, publication specifications, design uses. The list goes on and on.

Despite how hard it’s going to be, Time realizes something that we should all be realizing (if you haven’t already); The world is going mobile, and tablets are a huge piece of that. Now, you might be saying that I’m a little late to be hopping on this train and declaring something that most people take for granted, but it’s for good cause.

Tablet adoption rates are growing exponentially with the adoption rate of the iPad exceeding the initial launch of the iPhone (Year 1 – Year 1, Year 2 – Year 2, etc.). Consumers are loving, wanting, lusting after, using, traveling with, etc. These extremely useful, compact computers and with the amount of consumers taking the (moderately expensive) leap of purchasing one it’s the perfect time to make sure that you’re represented well on these devices.

Whether it’s ensuring that your website is tablet friendly, considering ads on tablet-specific apps, or even having your own application built, now is the time to be considering whether or not these decisions are for you.