WordPress Customizability

WordPress used to be a platform almost exclusively for blogging and had little functionality beyond slinging words. It’s exactly the opposite today. Today, WordPress is one of the most customizable and flexible platforms in the world – and that’s exactly why you should build a site on it.

As a client, WordPress gives you more control over your content. WordPress is fantastically easy to use and easy to learn. In addition, it gives you more fields and more editing options in those fields. You can also have more control over users, permissions, blog categories, post types, menus, site organization, and even individual page layouts.

On top of that, WordPress gives us more control and more options for your website. Since WordPress has a very powerful API and core system, we can do more work in less time. We can organize, customize, clean up, and more while working with WordPress. Almost anything is possible somehow within WordPress.

If you’re thinking about a new site or redoing your existing site, we’d love to talk to you about WordPress and seeing if it meets your needs.