WooCommerce 2.2 – Prowling Pangolin

On September 10, WooThemes released their latest version of WooCommerce, version 2.2.  Version 2.2 is a larger upgrade and should be scheduled for upgrade at your convenience.  Most of the changes are features but there are some bug fixes including a coupon calculation bug that we submitted that has been resolved.  Some notes about the major features are:

  • Refunds: Ability to refund customers from within Woocommerce.  Many payment gateways support this now directly from within WooCommerce, otherwise its just a few clicks.  Payment gateway integrations are being updated quite frequently to support this feature so if your gateway does not support it at the moment, chances are it will soon!
  • Language: Non-english language support has improved significantly for customers who run their stores in languages other than English.