Why Page Speed is So Important

Page performance is a big issue these days as websites become more and more graphic laden and we’re faced with having to deal with retina images (can be up to 4X larger size). The longer a page takes to load, the less likely people are to stay on the site or even come back.

Amazon did a study 2 years back and found out that for every 100ms of extra load time, saled dropped by 1%. That’s a lot of sales for a tenth of a second. Google found that by dropping their page size from 100kb to 80kb their traffic rose 10%!

Modern web users are incredibly fickle and becoming ever more exposed to fast websites. This makes a slow-loading site stick out like a sore thumb. Increasing a site’s speed can be incredibly easy and as simple as reducing the number of files referenced or activating browser caching. It’s easyenough of a task that there’s really no excuse for not doing it.

So, speed up your site and both you and your users will benefit greatly. Oh ya, and you’ll get a boost on your SEO rating. Here’s a fun little infographic to top it off.