When is the Best Time To Send Out Email Campaigns?

We get them every day. The newsletter emails from companies that want you to look at their newest product, biggest sale EVER or just a reminder that they still exist. In fact, you probably send them out yourself. But, when is the best time to reach your customers?

The answer is more relative than most people would like to admit. While there are certain times of the day that you’re absolutely unlikely to get very high click-through rates, each company and their fan base is a little different. For example, my trying to get executives to open an email is significantly different from you trying to get a stay-at-home soccer mom to open yours.

However, there are certain times that are better than others as a rule.

Monday, but before closing hours. While Monday often leads to an inundation of emails for clients, emails sent on Monday are often read. Emails sent after closing hours will likely end up in Tuesday’s inbox.

Tuesday, Wednesday have led to moderate success for us, but nowhere near the results that Monday and Friday have.

Thursday has, by far, been the worst sending day of all in our experience. People are usually burnt out of looking at emails by this point and tend to skim over or over-delete their inbox.

Friday, but only before lunch. Most people (whether businessmen/women, students, or stay at home parents) have already checked into the weekend by noon on Friday. Checking email is no longer a priority. However, get it to them before lunch time on Friday and you’ll likely see higher click through rates.

These metrics will vary largely and in the end, you’ll have to do some testing and trial and error to determine the absolute best time to get your audience to open your emails.

Also keep in mind that the success of your emails is very dependent on your wording, the content of the email, and your history with the people on your list.