Want to up your Google quality score? – Part 5

Today is the last day of our 5 part series on Upping your Google Quality Score and search engine ranking. Today is a little self-explanatory, but is still very important: building relevant content.

Now, this should seem very self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised at how much this could make a difference. This whole week, we’ve been talking about the spiders who crawl your website and look at all of your content and data. Now, the bulk of data that the spiders are capable of sorting through is the actual content on your pages. This means your introductory paragraph, your product descriptions, and your service list all result in the largest amount of data for the spiders to sort through.

Now, if your type is dead on topic, spelled correctly, etc. then you’ll be fine because the spiders will be able to pick up specific keywords in the text that pertain to the relevant keyword string you’re looking to own and know exactly where to place you in the rankings.

If, however, your type is jumbled, off-topic, or snowballing into random topics, then the spiders will place you very low in the rankings you’re seeking simply because it can’t figure out what you’re all about.

Your type and content should be developed and thoroughly checked through for both humans and spiders. This means that you should have a pre-written list of keywords for strings that you want to rank on the search engines and a specific list of keywords and action statements that get your prospects to do what you want.

Ensuring that your type is relevant and on-topic will increase your SEO and your conversion rate.