Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is the process of making your website viewable to everyone. This means text that can be read by Braille software for the blind, images and text that can scale larger for those who have a hard time seeing, and captions for videos for those who are deaf. In other words, ensuring that your website can be read by anyone, at any time.

You never know who might want to read a particularly bit of text, or know if a piece of text is a link, or simply some more words on the site. On top of that, the more people who can see what you have to say, the better converion you’ll get.

For a quick glance at the currently accepted accessibility guidelines, click

We also have a shortened checklist of accessibility guidelines for easy reference!

  • Are links fully identified? (ie:, not “click here”)
  • Do ALL images have alt tags?
  • Are all documents available in text format, not just .PDF?
  • Do all fields in forms have a description tag?
  • Do all form drop-downs have a descriptor item first? (ie: your age, not 18-24)
  • Do all video files have audio descriptions?
  • Are all videos captioned?
  • Do all audio files have text captions?
  • Does all font have enough contrast to be read easily?
  • Is there a policy on website accessibility and is it easy to find?
  • Is there an editing redundancy in place to ensure all content is accessible before going live?
  • Is contact information easy to find on all pages
  • Is there a place for users to report accessibility problems?