Want to up your Google quality score? – Part 4

Today we’re continuing our series on Upping your Google Quality Score. Today is a little different, however. Today is about creating site maps and robot files.

Now, taking these actions won’t necessarily increase your search engine ranking, but what it does do is shove your site out into the world. You see, the spiders that search engines use are on a set schedule. They may crawl your site once every month for instance. If you want them to crawl it sooner, you need to push your site in front of their faces to get them to crawl it.

First of all, we recommend some sites create a robots.txt file. This file will tell certain robots what to crawl and what not to crawl. So, for instance, if you’re hosting personal photos on a website and you don’t want to the spiders to publish this information, than you would publish that in the robots.txt file.

The next step after you’ve specified what you want the spiders to visit is to create a sitemap. Now, coding a sitemap is quite easy and you can find a tutorial on the topic here. Once submitted, this will put you in the rotation for Google and the other search engines to crawl on a regular basis that will give you the chance to exercise all the search engine optimization we’ve been giving you!