Want to up your Google quality score? – Part 2

On Friday we began our 5 part series on how to increase your Google quality score and SEO ranking by talking to you about links. Today we’re going to talk about keyword relevancy.

Google looks at all the websites on the Internet using programs called “spiders”. These “spiders” are simple, small programs that sift through all of your data such as keywords, content, alt tags on your images, etc. to determine what it thinks your website is all about. This is called “crawling”.

Now, when these spiders crawl your website, the first thing that they look at is keywords. These keywords are like the title and sub-title of a paper. Your prospects may never see these keywords, but they provide the context of your site for the crawlers.

So, if your keywords all involve white water rafting, but your website is a knitting website, the spiders are obviously going to be quite confused and lower your quality score for keywords that you would want included. Also keep in mind that if you’re running a Google AdWords campaign or a similar campaign, you will want to match your keywords with those in the campaign to improve your quality score.