Want to up your Google quality score? – Part 3

Today, we’re continuing our series on increasing your Google quality score through quality SEO. We’ve already discussed keywords and links and this time we’re going to talk about the importance of including enough text in your pages.

Now, as we talked about yesterday, Google and other search engines have spiders which crawl your website for relevant data and information to figure out exactly what your website is all about. For now, these spiders can only look at features such as text, alt tags, and keywords. They can’t look at photos and know what they’re about, flash and see what it’s showing, or text embedded within images.

So, the obvious solution is to put your text into a text form on the website and to have less images on your site. Now, you can still have images, but they must have relevant alt tags that pertain to your website’s topic.

The same with Flash. The more fancy Flash animations that you have on your website will not only slow it down, but will also make it harder for the spiders to figure your website out.

So, the more crawl able text on your website, the easier it will be for your site to move up in the rankings!