Useful tool: Seevolution

Google Analytics is great. It’s fantastic in fact; it offers almost all of the metrics, data, and charts that your statistical heart could desire. It can be rather bland to look at sometimes though. Pouring through pages of information can become tedious after months of looking at the same info.

For those of us who are more visually oriented however, there is a new way to view your site statistics: Seevolution. This useful tool measures a variety of metrics using a simple, easy to plug-in code at the bottom of your website and returns what they call “heatmaps”. These “heatmaps” are simple overlays of the page that you are on that tell you information such as what people are clicking on, where theire mouse is, how much of the page is being viewed and even how the page is being scrolled.

While you could access a lot of this information before, it’s particularly useful to be able to actually see the information visually and draw conclusions from that representation. Most of the data given is useful for increasing conversion rate and designing the website more efficiently and effectively.

Seevolution starts out free for a single domain with less than 200 visitors/day measured and goes up in price from there. But, if you’re interested in more data to increase the effectivenes of your site it might be worth the small monthly cost.