The Underrated Power of Visual Content

Have you ever wondered why we love infographics so much at Old Town Media?

First of all, an infographic is simply a “graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.” That being said, it’s pretty obvious that it’s much more fun to look at engaging pictures or to watch an exciting video rather than just read plain text. Frobes explains that visual information, when presented clearly, trumps textual information by tenfold.

But why are humans so conditioned to love pretty pictures? Scientifically speaking, it takes far less effort to digest visual content and images are much more conducive to short attention spans. And lets face it -we all have minimal attention spans on Monday mornings.

Data visualization is clearly effective, which is why we encourage clients to consider using infographics to get some well-deserved attention for their great content and extraordinary knowledge. Done correctly, infographics make it easier to understand complex information while boosting online credibility and increasing website traffic. From a business standpoint, an infographic is a relatively inexpensive way to advance a company’s chance of being shared all across the Internet through blogs, social media or news sites.

What goes into a successful infographic? Well, the topic should be of common interest, not solely revolving around a particular business. The design should be both pragmatic and creative but most importantly, should include business credentials such as a logo and website. A well-designed infographic has the potential to spread quickly on the Internet, giving others something to talk about. And at the end of the day, the business attached to the infographic becomes a credible expert on the topic.

Now that all this plain text has gone un-absorbed, check out this inforgraphic by Market Domination Media about the power of visual content.


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