Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing

Most people understand traditional marketing: print advertisements, billboards, flyers, pamphlets, TV, newspaper, and radio ads. Yet when the word “digital” is replaced with “traditional,” a lot of people stop understanding. As a marketing agency in Fort Collins, we have an entire Digital Marketing process with designated team members that make our clients’ goals a reality online.

But what is Digital Marketing? According to Hubspot, a developer and marketer, digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. This includes search engines, social media, email, and any other website to connect with current and prospective customers.

Before businesses went online, they were discovered by traditional marketing, but assets like newspapers and TV commercials don’t reach nearly as many people as content on the internet. With that being said, you should keep in mind that traditional marketing is not being replaced by digital marketing. They complement each other well, but the bottom line is that digital marketing is capable of reaching a much larger audience.

Digital Marketing is capable of reaching more potential clients because the internet is at everyone’s fingertips. For example, if I need to find an Eye Doctor in my area, I can google that and find numerous doctors. When was the last time you picked up a phone book to find an eye doctor? Our team members specifically optimize our clients websites, so they are discoverable. We hope you are doing the same, so you don’t miss out on clients that use search engines!

Digital Marketing is also more cost-effective, especially in regards to return on investment (ROI.) Money spent on ads online live longer than an ad in a magazine, and they are much quicker to be shared with the masses.

Here are OTM, we do both traditional and digital marketing. We understand that more and more people and businesses are going online, but we also know the power of a good, old fashion flyer! The strategies we use are specific to the clients and their goals whether that means going traditional or taking the internet by storm.

If you want to be noticed by a larger audience and get discovered by more people than you could have imagined on your own, take a look around our site, check out our work, and get in touch. We will define your goals and start marketing, no matter what way you lean.