Tip: Clear Your Cache to Speed up Browsing

Every now and again, our browsers slow down to a crawl on almost every single website. You might think this is your Internet provider just slowing your connection down, but in fact, it’s likely something on your own browser called the “cache”.

The cache stores lots of temporary data on websites such as images, text, and more to make it easier and faster to load next time you visit the site. This is very useful if you only visit a few sites, but it can really bog down your browsing experience if you let all of the data build up over time.

In addition, you might be viewing old images on sites and outdated, cached data if you don’t frequently clear it. This built up data can even cause issues in loading pages and logging in.

Clearing your cache is very easy, in most browsers it involves accessing your browser history, selecting “Clear Recent Browsing History” and ensuring that cache is checked before you hit clear. (either uncheck the other items or make sure you really want to delete them, as they can actually be quite useful to your browsing experience.)

Clearing this data every now and again will help your browsing experience to move significantly faster and be more enjoyable!