Times New Roman: “It looks like it’s an accountant in a suit” – Andy Altmann


The font Times New Roman is looked upon poorly by many individuals, but is it the next up and coming trend?

Times New Roman was invented back in 1931 for the British newspaper The Times. It was created like other great serif fonts, to aid in readability for the user. Due to its readability, it has been utilized in many different fashions, but it shines best as being utilized in large copy blocks. Driving it’s popularity or lack thereof is the fact that it’s one of the fonts that is compatible on any computer whether it’s being used in Microsoft Word or on the internet. For these reasons, the US Department of State has declared it as the font for all diplomatic documents. So perhaps the next document your create or novel you pick up will be showcasing this historic treasure.

For a bit more insight check out this short film: Unquiet Film Series – Times New Roman