It’s Time To Review Your Visitor Flow

When was the last time you actively went through your site from a visitor’s perspective?  Probably not recently.  Sure, you’ve added a few new products, maybe lowered your free shipping offer and setup a few promotions, but when did you actually work through the site as one of your customer’s personas? A couple suggestions to look at when reviewing your site would be basic ecommerce flow, multi-step processes and call to actions.  These directly affect your site’s conversion rate and ultimately your revenue stream.

Demonstrate a Clear Sequence

When developing the flow of your sites visitor engagement, its important to maintain a clear indication of where the user is at in multi-step processes such as surveys, product builders, etc. This conveys to the customer where they stand in the process as well as to demonstrate to them that this is a simple “3 step process to select your widget”. Without this, customer engagement tends to drop off when they start to think there is no end in site.

Express Value at Each Step

If your site contains a multi-step product builder or checkout option, its important to convey the value of each step. Some sites are easier are more intuitive where your may be choosing the options that make up your product, but other sites may actually be integrating in product options to affect the overall cost of the product and are used to drive increased revenue on a per-product basis. By reinforcing the additional value each set of options brings to the process, your keeping your customers engaged and involved through the process

Eliminate Competing Options on Each Page

Call to actions are amazing. They are socially engineered cues to condition customers to follow a pre-determined path that results in the highest conversion for your business or organization. The biggest design consideration of your page is to make sure that they are used appropriate. Simply put, everything cannot be a call to action. If you have too many, the customer loses focus and the effectiveness of those will drop.