The Status Quo

We were just reading a great blog on Techcrunch on why Kodak should turn a leaf and take on a new business model. And they’re right. Without going into the reasons too much (Techcrunch does a great job of it), the company had a great plan for a long time, but the times have changed. It’s time to adapt.

The thing is, it’s easy to say that staring in from the outside. It’s not so easy when you’re on the inside.

When you’re on the inside, it’s easy to justify actions based on the “norm”. To keep doing the same old thing because it’s worked so many times before. To keep up with the same strategy that’s going down in flames because it’s worked for the last 100 years.

So today, do something different. Try out a different routine, re-evaluate a normal action, and re-think the “status-quo” strategies. Odds are, you’ll find some amazing opportunities that you never even thought of.