The Power of Involvement

You’ve probably heard of the Occupy movement. A largely dis-organized group of protestors and bystanders have been staging protests around the world, with the media slowly catching on to the themes and messages of the movement. Perhaps the biggest weakness of the movement is its disorganization.

An amazing thing has recently started happening though. In the last couple of days, an amazing sense of organization has started to emerge from specific groups of protestors. Occupy Design has emerged to organize signage and give a singluar voice to the movement. Digital democracy has started polling protestors to help clarify the exact issues that people are looking at.

The point, whether you agree with the protestors or disagree with them, is the amount of knowledge and expertise that various parties have brought to the table. This is the true sense of community and reason for its existence. It’s what online forums try to emulate. It’s what social media sites come close to emulating. It’s what should be driving all causes and charities.

The truth is that you have a specialty, a knowledge set, a skill set that no-one else has. The truth is that others around you also have knowledge, skills, and perspectives that you don’t have. And that’s why it’s extremely important to lend your voice and perspective to causes and your community around you.

Talk to your local shelter, help out with a local charity, or even just show up to a Chamber meeting. When people start contributing their drive, skills, and knowledge to the greater good the entire community benefits.

Amazing things can happen when you start combining knowledge and skill sets.