The Power and Speed of Social Media

Let’s face it, social media runs the world. As this humorous video illustrates, social media and information sharing have overcome the speed of many of the disasters and occurrences that incite the use of such platforms. If there’s an earthquake several hundred miles away, you’ll know it before it hits you. If a war starts a continent away, you’ll know it before it hits the news. And if a company tries to act unethical, you’ll likely know it before you even know the company exists.

In today’s social and crowd-based world, your reputation precedes you. Whether you know it or not, people are always talking about you. You can either embrace it, clean up your customer service act, and engage anyone and everyone who is talking about you, or you can stick in the middle ages and continue to try and make every last buck for yourself.

I guarantee that the latter will catch up with you before you know it and that the former will make you very, very popular and well-liked among your customers and prospects.