The next important design factor: Retinafying

Apple’s recently placed a lot of emphasis on retina screens – screens that have 4X the resolution of past Apple screens. They’re already used on all new iPhones, iPads, and MacBook Pros and are rumored to be coming to iMac desktops in about two months as well.

The screens are beautiful and the extra pixels add a lot of depth to already beautiful websites. Unless your site isn’t retinafied. Retinafying involves reducing the amount of images used by a website (this should be done for loading speed and SEO anyway) and re-building images with 4X the resolution so that they can be displayed properly on Retinfa screens.

If built properly, websites won’t take any longer to load on regular devices as   a rule is coded in that the new, higher-resolution images only load on retina devices.

We’ll start offering Retinafying services in the next month for both existing and new websites. If you’re interested in bringing your website up to retina-par, let us know!