The Latest News in Social Media… Pinterest Announces Buyable Pins!

We’ve all been there… finding something worthy of buying on Pinterest, only to find out you are unable to click through to make the purchase.

On June 2, 2015 Pinterest announced that Buyable Pins will be released in the next few weeks to iPhones and iPads in the U.S. Androids and desktops can expect to see this change in future releases. It is said that this new capability will have the potential to change the way people shop.

Buyable Pins
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What does this mean for us as consumers as well as business owners?

For consumers:

The steps from pinning to purchase have been simplified. Next to the red “Pin it” button, there will be a blue “Buy it” button on pins that are available for purchase. The “Buy it” button will take you directly from the pin to checkout.

Other capabilities include filtering pins by price, color and size options. This quick process means no more hassle, and you can purchase your “Pinterest treasures” with ease.

For business owners:

To start, Pinterest is anticipating having over 2 million buyable pins available by partnering with large retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, as well as companies on Shopify and Demandware commerce platforms.

If your business uses Shopify, you can add the Pinterest channel to allow your pins to become buyable. Pinterest has also started a waitlist for businesses to sign up to become a part of future integrations.

The goal of buyable pins is to use this streamlined process to reduce cart abandonment on mobile devices. Pinterest will not be taking a percentage of transactions like most ecommerce platforms do, you can set up your “Buy it” button free of charge – which is a huge benefit for business owners!

So, keep an eye out Pinterest lovers… and happy shopping!