The Do’s and Don’t of Live Video on Social Media

The live streaming feature has become a pivotal aspect of every main social media outlet these days. Going live has some really great benefits for businesses and personal platforms. However, there are a few things to be aware of before you even press record. Here is your guide to the do’s and dont’s of live video on social media.

Don’t: Do it Just to Do it

The first step is to have a real reason for your audience to tune in. Don’t be the boy who cried live stream. They should be used for things like promotions, announcements and big events. Make your followers excited to click on the video.

Don’t: Live Stream to Thin Air

Advertising well beforehand is key! Consider who your audience will be. Know what you will be talking about and target that audience right away. Make it personalized, so once you get those viewers on the video, they want to stay for the whole thing. And don’t forget to pay attention to the time of day. Starting your live stream later in the afternoon may be more productive than during the work or school day. Taking into account when people are heading to bed or eating meals is also a good idea.

Do: Plan in Advance

Be sure to have your hosts and guests confirmed for the video. Pick reliable people and sources to be apart of it all. In addition to that, the technical aspects are just as important as the actual execution. An imperative point that many people may not account for is equipment. Charge your equipment ahead of time. Make sure the wifi and/or the internet connection you will be using is reliable as well. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a live stream and having your device die or wifi go out.

Do: Have a Call to Action

This is arguably the most important thing. Encouraging comments during the video and prompting questions not only gets your viewers involved, but it also creates a memorable experience. It’s all about creating additional foot traffic to the video and your page.

Do: Think About the Value of Production

Considering your environment and surroundings is the number one teller of professionalism. Can you hear background noise? Are your surroundings clean or messy? Present to your tone to your viewers accurately, whether it’s casual or professional, make it known!

Live videos are a great way to gain a personal connection with your audience. At OTM, we work with clients to create different types of video content, so they are able to better connect with the audience they are trying to reach. If done the right way, video, especially live video, can be extremely beneficial to the relationship with your customers, friends, clients or followers. Take a look at our services page for more information on video production at OTM!