A Guide to Calculating HubSpot Costs

Are you struggling to figure out where your customers are coming from? Does tracking your marketing efforts feel impossible? Have you ever wondered about the length and complexity of your customer’s buying journey, or how many times they interact with your brand before selecting your services?

Investing in a tech stack that fosters collaboration and data transparency is the first step toward achieving a harmonious relationship between sales and marketing.

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Despite all its advantages, the biggest obstacle we face when talking to clients about investing in HubSpot is the cost of ownership.

HubSpot Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

The following HubSpot Total Cost of Ownership Calculator shows you in detail what you’ll spend on things like the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, or both, including costs for licensing, setup, training, and ongoing maintenance over the first and second year of being on the platform.

Ready to start making better sales and marketing decisions?

With our recommended tech stack, we leverage technology to efficiently track and analyze lead sources, engagement, and quality to ultimately determine ROI on marketing efforts so you know where to invest more (and less) resources for the greatest impact.

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