Stop Wasting Time, Automate It – Resizing Images

For those of you having to deal with images in just about any capacity, there are some pretty great ways to automate bulk edits such as watermarks, resizing and other tedious things using Mac’s built in Automator application. In our agency, we use Automator for image manipulation, data manipulation, connecting to cloud services for file access to name a few. This is especially handy for handling images imported into WooCommerce since the original is also stored after WordPress resizes the images.

Before Automator, batch resizing was done through some clunky tools, or tools that specifically just resized. This was a little excessive since Automator is built-in on Macs and also allows for a much more detailed control over whats being done, how and when. We’ve setup a simple little screencast going through the steps of how to setup a simple bulk resizing action that copies the source files, or simply overwrites them depending on your approach. You can also add in some additional filters to refine the list of images to be edited based on name, creation date, original file size, etc.