Social Media’s Real Use

Every social media site has a specific purpose for businesses that goes above and beyond the potential social benefits. An added perk, if you will. Each one is unique and individual and we’re going to go through some of the bigger ones to help you understand the true benefit of each site.


As you likely know, Facebook is the single most popular social media website in the world – in fact it’s the single most visited site in the whole world. It’s also great for plain old social engagement. That’s right, Facebooks hidden value is actually it’s most open one. Facebook drives the most direct company – tribe engagement of almost any other social media site in the world. You have more channels within Facebook to get your message out, more targeting options for CPC, and more fans than any other network.


Twitter is for tweakers. Real time, actionable, newsworthy, breaking. Anything that’s happening in the moment is also happening in Twitter. In fact, they released a video about two years back about how tweets about the minor East Coast earthquake reached the people affected before the earthquake itself did. If you want to get breaking news out immediately to a group of fans or your tribe who will spread it instantly, Twitter is the place to do it.


Pinterest is amazing for driving links (hot leads, really) back to your website. When you put out content onto Pinterest (or make it easy for people to share onto Pinterest), it hooks a link back to your website into the picture. Every time someone else sees that photo, they have the potential to click on the site and buy something from you. This has huge potential for you to scale your effort into a lot of sales.


Let’s be real – Google+ will get you very, very little social engagement because almost no one uses the platform. It claims a huge audience, but it really has very few active users. The real benefit lies in the SEO benefits of the Google Places tie-in and authorship. You see, Google has intertwined Google+ into almost every section of it’s main services. In search, you’ll see various examples of people using authorship attribution to show a little picture of themselves next to articles that they have written or a little G+ button due to them linking their business profile up with their website.

In Google Places, you’ll quickly find that you have to edit and review from your Google+ profile. Basically Google has signalled that you will receive a plethora of SEO benefits if you play along with their Google+ game. So play, play away.