Lights, Camera, Facebook! Social Media Video

social media video

Static graphics are so 2016.

You probably know that adding graphics to your posts helps engagement. (And  that more engagement leads to more customers which leads to more purchases which is really why we’re doing this, right?) That’s a nice trick, but you know what generates more engagement? Social media video.

Facebook knows users like to see videos in their feed, and is incorporating them more and more into its experience. That means companies have a great shot at connecting with customers when they make the leap to video. When done right, video is engaging, entertaining and informative. Don’t take our word for it, though

  • 37 percent of viewers watch a video all the way through to the end, according to HubSpot
  • 45 percent of Americans watch more than an hour of video on social networks each week, according do WordStream.

It’s clear people like watching video. That’s why OTM is making it a more prominent part of our social strategy. How we execute it depends on your needs and audience.

The Youth Clinic needed a quick reminder to its families about its Fit Fam FoCo campaign, an effort to promote healthy habits in children and their parents. Video gave us a way to quickly and stylishly fill people on each month’s goals.

OTM loves data (loves it), and leverage the data behind social videos. In about a week, the video was viewed by 895 people, generating 152 minutes of screen time. Not too shabby for a 14-second clip, right?

The best social videos are created for your audience and needs, but strong social videos typically:

  • Start with a compelling first frame to grab viewers’ attention.
  • Are coupled with intriguing headlines in the post
  • Are sharable to allow for maximum reach
  • Include captions to allow users with sound muted to enjoy them

Ready to take your social media video game to the next level? OTM is. Drop us a line and we’ll make your company stars of the small (handheld and mobile) screen.