Friends, social media marketing is for real!  Old folks like myself were hoping it was  just a passing phase or a fad, but you’re going to have to accept it.

If a friend tells you, “I love Old Town Pizza” and you were looking to get some pizza, you’d probably give it a shot.

When you get a call from a lead who’s been referred to you by a friend, that lead is smoking hot.  It’s because people trust their friends.  Thats what social Media is, friends recommending things they like to their friends.

Obviously it’s for sharing pictures of their vacations and the like, but that’s just to make you feel like your own life is a drag.

Remember, don’t overdo it!  Too much posting or blatant pitches are going to make you and your company look like a bunch of yay-hoo’s.

Behold, the future.



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