Should you build an iPhone site?

With Apple’s iPhone rapid acceleration as the phone of choice for new consumers and business professionals, its clear there’s a market for these users.  In a report dated April 2009 by Admob, iPhones are now generating 43% of all mobile web page requests, compared to Microsoft’s SmartPhone taking 5% of the share.  This changes the dynamics a bit for supporting these new users on your web site.  While the iPhone does a great job of displaying normal web pages, it does not have the ability to display sites built in Adobe’s Flash product.  This may seem trivial until you actually go to a web page like that is built in Flash and try to lookup store hours and information on the road.  It cannot be done.  With such a large amount of traffic with people on the go and such a great device in their hand, it only makes sense to create an iPhone specific site for these users.  This allows your impulse customers walking down the street, to shop on your site, gain access to hours, contact information and maps.  Locally, has implemented an iPhone site to cater to the mobile user base of CSU.  Within three months of implementation, the iPhone site accounts for nearly 25% of the sites overall traffic.