Sell or Die!

Hello Friends,

It’s been too long since my last entry, that’s the world of sales, when it’s good all you want to do is sell, not write about it.

All sales jobs are not created equal.  Some have crazy pressure and stress and some are a blast and are the most fun jobs you could have.  I’ve heard of companies locking you in a classroom all day then giving you a test at the end.  This wouldn’t work for me, I don’t like sitting still and I fail a lot of tests, I would freak out.

bad sales dude

I worked at an amazing company that produced a fine product, but the job was a misery!  It’s not super fun sitting behind a desk all day powering out calls to people you’ll never put a face to.  I looked around one day and saw that my sales managers had the same crappy job as I did.  I didn’t want to be a 50 year old man making phone sales, so I split.  I caught a lot of grief from my wife and mother in law about that one.  Little did they know the stressful environment I was a part of.  Most of the other people there were stressed as hell too, but they didn’t have the option to bail.

Then that brings me to the good sales jobs, and yes they do exist.   Here at Old Town Media we build our sales through face to face meetings, networking and long term relationships.  There’s no quota on numbers, only that you put the brand in the best position possible.  When people in Ft. Collins need a website they come to us because we’ve been around forever and have provided value to each client we’ve worked with.


Good environments allow you to learn about the product and gain confidence with what you’re selling.  Too much pressure on a salesperson just stresses them out and they get pushy, and that usually turns off potential clients.

We’re all in sales, everybody is selling something.  So embrace it, promote yourself, your brand and your company with pride, enjoy what you’re doing or leave.  If you’re not passionate about what you’re selling you won’t do well, and life will suck!

Talk to you again soon