THe Hearing Place

The Hearing Place, an independently owned and operated six-office audiology practice in Colorado approached OTM in 2020 when it was purchased by current owner Dr. Brittany Mathisen. Dr. Mathisen wanted a marketing partner that would help position the brand better in the market, highlighting the premium experience offered by The Hearing Place compared to that of its competitors. Our focus was to showcase how The Hearing Place accommodates its patients – but with less focus on technology and more on what it means to hear again. To really bring the campaign to life, we incorporated the because hearing means more theme, showcasing all the ways that hearing means more to families.

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Knowing that individuals typically wait 10 years longer than they should before taking steps to improve their hearing, we knew that we would have to drive our point home with a multimedia storytelling approach. We started by creating a long-form brand video highlighting the importance of hearing to a family (featuring our very own Chief Creative Officer and her grandparents and parents) and the seamless, positive experience of working with The Hearing Place. This video was then distributed via full-funnel marketing efforts and messaging was wrapped into various other inbound marketing efforts that we had already running. Additionally, we worked with The Hearing Place to bring our storytelling efforts into their physical spaces with an experiential design project – completely revamping their office spaces on a tight budget and within a tight timeline.

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Since launching a new website and better positioned brand, we’ve seen website visitors increase by 50.83% year over year,  with average session duration increasing by 19% and page views increasing by 82%. Additionally, we’ve seen an increase in online appointment requests and organic social media reach and engagement.

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