For more than 25 years, StaffScapes has been putting the HUMAN back into Human Resources. As Colorado’s oldest privately-owned PEO, StaffScapes approached OTM in 2022 in need of a brand refresh. Our partnership, which now encompasses ABM campaign management and ongoing marketing support, began with the OTM Path to Growth® followed by a project to revamp their logo, website, and overall brand – aligning each with their innovative, personalized, and hands-on approach to HR.


  • Market Positioning
  • Brand Story & Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Website Design & Development
mockup of brand guidelines of brand standards

Our Approach

We began our project with The OTM Path to Growth® where we determined that StaffScapes needed a stronger story to tell prospects – one that could communicate why they are better than their online-only competitors while staying relevant throughout the entire client journey, ultimately reducing churn over time.

Additionally, we wanted to validate the direction of the market so that we could ensure we were positioning StaffScapes in alignment with the needs of their ICP.

Discover the Freedom To Drive Your Business Forward

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Recruit and retain better (and happier) employees by offering better benefits. We have access to the best plans for smaller businesses, allowing you to offer superior plans while leaving the administrative tasks to us.
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Experience lower turnover, less risk of legal hassles, lower insurance costs, less overhead, and more time to focus on improving your business and your bottom line.
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From policies and procedures to workplace training, we help protect your business from harassment and discrimination claims. If legal troubles do arise, we’re here to help.

Branding Process

Once we felt we had a solid understanding of the market and how StaffScapes could win that market, we began our rebranding process.

We wanted to ensure that the new brand:

  • Reflected a modern approach to HR, despite remaining true to its human-focus
  • Incorporated a tagline that would make it immediately clear what it is that StaffScapes does
  • Aspirationally aligned with business owners
  • Kept elements of its old brand as a nod to the roots and history of the company

StaffScapes’ new logo design pays tribute to its predecessor by incorporating elements of the old logo that featured the three cubes. Their updated design maintains a sense of continuity and familiarity, while also introducing modern touches to reflect the evolution and growth of the brand.

StaffScapes logo
Original Logo
StaffScapes logo with boxes

Round 1 of Logo Design

StaffScapes logo with one box
Round 2 of Logo Design
StaffScapes logo with one box
Final Logo


We then brought the new branding to life through a complete web design overhaul, dramatically transforming StaffScapes online presence. This strategic update led to a remarkable 73% increase in engaged website sessions, demonstrating a deeper interest and interaction from our audience.

Additionally, we saw a 26% increase in form submissions, indicating a higher conversion rate and engagement level, and a 70% increase in organic search traffic, a testament to the improved visibility and effectiveness of our SEO strategies, making our website a prime destination for StaffScapes targeted audience.

mockup of website and tablet


Increase in Engaged Website Sessions


Increase in Form Submissions


Increase in Visitors from Organic Search