Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado

Founded by the team at The Youth Clinic in 2015, Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado (PUCNC) in Timnath, CO has been an OTM client since its inception. Not only did OTM partner with the PUCNC team to develop their original branding (and to launch the business with a super awesome grand opening), but we’ve since partnered to relaunch their website with a focus on helping parents navigate their child’s care during the pandemic.

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The PUCNC brand was developed as a complement to The Youth Clinic brand, donning the same logo mark and layout as the 50-year-old pediatric practice but with a vibrant orange color to align with the urgency of its services.

While the logo has remained the same since we first created it in 2015, the PUCNC brand has continued to evolve especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, in 2021 OTM decided that it was essential that we redesign the PUCNC website to better serve parents as they navigate a climate rich with COVID vaccinations and testing.  

We started the website redesign process by mapping out conversion paths – whether it be a path to finding directions, making a phone call, or scheduling a COVID test online. We then built a new sitemap and website homepage to better guide parents through those conversion paths. 

Pediatric Urgent Care website screenshot


In 2021 alone, the PUCNC website saw 94,163 website visitors – a 34% increase from 2020 with a 16% increase in average time on site to 2:52. We’ve successfully secured top search result placement for a variety of keywords, and our website’s tracked events in 2021 reached more than 8,300 including phone calls, form fills, and clicks for directions. 


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Increase in Website Events

Website mockup on an orange background