Peak Kia North

OTM originally partnered with Peak Kia North, one of the largest Kia dealerships in the region, in order to refine its brand, build a new website and develop a digital marketing campaign aimed at increasing conversions and decreasing cost. Over the years working with automotive and motorsport dealers, we’ve learned that the most effective inbound strategies are those that incorporate people in them.

Inbound Marketing


  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Advertising



We began our partnership with Peak Kia North back in 2018 the same way we begin all of our partnerships – with the OTM Path to Growth process where we aligned the brand with the Colorado Kia driver as well as the used car shopper. Once we rebranded the dealership and established market positioning, we moved into refining an inbound marketing strategy that would boost sales and decrease conversion costs.

We know that the most effective inbound strategy for car dealerships is one that integrates vehicle education with brand personality. People want to know who they’re buying from, and they want to be educated – not sold to. That’s why our strategy includes a series of educational video advertisements for Peak Kia North that highlight their longtime employee and Sales Team President, Kerry Kennicutt. Known as the “No Pressure Car Guy,” Kerry works with us to capture walk-around footage of vehicles, new and used, that we leverage as the creative for our ad strategy.


Our digital advertising campaigns currently average an 8.8% click through rate (4.8% higher than the industry average), and a 14.22% conversion rate (8% higher than the industry average). Additionally, we drive hundreds of phone calls to the dealership each month, at around $10 per call. We’re now working on a long-form video strategy to drive organic website traffic and SEO, and we’re piloting various platforms for distribution knowing that Facebook may not continue to be the top platform for our demographic in the future.