Mac Electric is a family-owned business specializing in commercial electrical solutions, with expertise in large LED lighting projects and EV charging station design and installation. An OTM client since 2016, Mac Electric approached OTM in 2021 with the goal of expanding its footprint throughout Colorado. With the recent addition of an internal sales force, Mac Electric needed to bridge the gap between marketing and sales while establishing both inbound and outbound marketing strategies to support its growth goals.


  • Market Positioning & Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Hubspot Enablement
  • Graphic Design

Our Approach

Before jumping into any marketing tactics or channels, we knew we needed to validate Mac Electric’s position in the marketplace. Through the OTM Path to Growth, we worked closely with the Mac Electric team to identify their value propositions and key differentiators. We wanted to be sure to set their sales team up for success when competing with both larger companies as well as other locally owned and operated companies.

As a result, we developed the Mac Electric Guarantee —a commitment to excellence that sets them apart in the commercial lighting and EV charging industry. This distinctive guarantee became the foundation for our market positioning and serves as a vital tool throughout their sales process, with individually branded value propositions such as the PerfectFit Promise and the MAC Guarantee.

Story Brand creation

Once we felt we had a competitive and effective market position for Mac Electric, we built out a brand story which we used to guide the redesign of various pages on the Mac Electric website.

Our team of strategists and designers mapped out the ideal user experience and redesigned the website homepage, LED Lighting Retrofit Solutions page, and EV Charging Stations pages with the goal of improving conversion rates.

Graphic with icons that reads: A Character, With a Problem Meets a Guide Who Understands Their Fear, And Gives Them a Plan, That Calls Them to Action, That Results In..., Comedy, or Tragedy
ev charging guide that reads increasing your bottom line with ev charging stations

Conversion Rate Optimization

As a part of our ongoing SEO (search engine optimization) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) efforts, we develop optimized pillar pages and accompanying transitional CTAs that we place throughout the website to drive inbound traffic and capture warm leads.

Powered by HubSpot’s CRM, we currently have a drip marketing campaign enabled to continue to nurture these leads and we leverage sales tools within HubSpot to connect warm leads back to the sales team.


Increase in Organic Website Traffic


Increase in New Visitors to the Site


Increase in Conversions


Between May 2023 – October 2023

Initially, Mac Electric faced challenges with online visibility, website engagement, and lead generation. With a strong market position a consistent focus on SEO and CRO, and a CRM to connect sales and marketing, Mac Electric has seen strong results. From a modest starting point, they now boast a robust online presence, attracting significant awareness, engagement, and leads from commercial businesses.