LECTRON fuel systems

Inventor of the first metering rod carburetor back in the 1970s, Lectron Fuel Systems is a carburetor manufacturer based in Boerne, Texas. OTM partners with Lectron to run digital ad campaigns targeting a niche audience of carbureted motorcycle and dirt bike owners.


  • Digital Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Videography

Our Approach

When Lectron approached OTM, they had been running sporadic Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns resulting in a ROAS (return on ad spend) of around 2.24.

By leveraging informative videos, product carousels, and testimonials in website traffic ads combined with a strong remarketing strategy, we knew we could improve both the ROAS and the brand awareness for the company as they continued to launch new products.

Lectron Logo
SWAG Giveaway Ad
Piece of equipment
person holding equipment
Bike video
person holding equipment

Leveraging Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as ad platforms, we ran a full-funnel strategy with a brand awareness campaign to drive website traffic and gain reach/exposure, then a mid-funnel consideration campaign focusing on remarketing to website visitors, and then a conversion campaign targeting a lookalike audience.

Through ads targeted at different parts of the funnel, we knew we could nurture users through the entire funnel and build a highly effective, sustainable model that would drive website purchases.

Additionally, we worked with the Lectron team to improve the landing pages in order to ensure our ads could convert once we got them to the site.


In just 5 months we were able to increase the average ROAS from 2.24 up to 12.53, and our conversion campaign returned a ROAS of 22.41!