Karrikins Group

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Karrikins Group has helped hundreds of the world’s most senior leaders and teams create the alignment necessary to close the gap between ideas and execution through the combined disciplines of consulting, facilitation, and coaching. Passionate about creating transformative teams, Karrikins Group reached out to OTM for help positioning their newest resource for leaders and teams, the Alignment Institute, featuring their cohort-based Aligned Leader Program, and team-based Align for Action Program.

OTM created the brand messaging, accompanying visuals, and go-to-market inbound strategy for the launch of the Alignment Institute.

Launch of the Alignment Institute


  • Branding
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO
Brand Name
Brand Name
Brand Name



Through The OTM Path to Growth®, OTM and Karrikins Group collaborated to create a compelling brand story and go-to-market inbound marketing strategy focused around thought-leadership and education.

In order to build a content strategy that would span the entire sales funnel, we launched a new website with a focus on SEO and future content creation along with a multimedia content distribution model incorporating email marketing, blogging, on and off-page optimization, and social media marketing.

We knew that by focusing on the Karrikins Group differentiators, particularly their comprehensive intellectual property, experience, and proven results, we would be able to stand out from other leadership and consultancy-based programs.

Digital display of a website in a mockup


Within just 8 weeks, we were able to launch an entirely new brand and website for the Alignment Institute, complete with new photography and videography, in time to market their October 2021 Aligned Leader Program cohort, which they ended up filling with 35 leaders from just one organization. We continue to partner with Karrikins Group on an ongoing basis, providing full inbound marketing services.

"Thank you Miles and the entire team at OTM. Your expertise has helped to elevate our brand and market position. You are a true partner on this journey."

Bruce Siegel

CEO, Karrikins Group