At OTM we’re always looking for innovative ways to inject our clients’ stories into their customer journey. When Hartford Homes, a Northern Colorado local multi-generational home and community builder approached our team for help designing the new home sales offices in their Mosaic community, we knew this would be the perfect opportunity to combine our brand story process with experiential design.

Environmental Design


  • Brand Story
  • Graphic Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Photography
Collage on a wall of images and graphics



Our process started with our Brand Story exercise and resulted in the creation of a Brand Story script, narrative and one-liner for both the Hartford home Mosaic product and the Mosaic community it was being built in.

Not only did we want to improve the homebuyer’s experience while on-site, we also wanted to establish empathy and authority through signage, branding, decor and accents that would subliminally communicate our message and reinforce the brand of Hartford Homes and its home products.


We piloted our brand story experiential design process with the Hartford Homes at Trailside on Harmony sales office, and the Hartford team was so happy with the result that we have since redesigned the sales office at Mosaic and we are currently in the process of designing three new sales offices coming to Northern Colorado.