FoCo DoCo

Located in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, FoCo DoCo (Fort Collins Donut Company) is known around the state for their hot and ready mini-donuts made from locally sourced ingredients. The FoCo DoCo team approached OTM in April of 2018 in need of a brand that would represent their unique place in the market, a website to serve as a storefront while they were securing their first location, and photography to showcase their amazing (and colorful) donuts. Mark this client under the ‘passion projects’ category, and away we went!

New Business Brand Launch


  • Branding
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography



Our approach to branding a new business is always ‘get to the know the why first.’ Once we know the why behind the brand, we can start to dive into what makes our client different. In the case of FoCo DoCo, the differentiators were clear: quick serve hot and ready donuts made locally from locally sourced ingredients. How they were able to accomplish this was through their mini-donut robot machines (there might be a more technical term, but we prefer clarity), and alas the robot logo was born.

Fort Collins Donut Co (foco doco) - American cuisine
Fort Collins Donut Co (foco doco) - American cuisine
Clip art - Product design
Fort Collins Donut Co (foco doco) - Menu
Fort Collins Donut Co (foco doco) - American cuisine
Clip art - Amphibian

Not only did we create a brand that would capture the hearts of the community, it also became the owner’s newest tattoo – and that is pretty darn cool.


The FoCo DoCo brand as well as its donuts are known around the Western US, and not only did the donut company thrive in their first location, they have since relocated to a larger space inside of a local cider company in Old Town. With a strong community of followers (more than 2,000 Facebook followers, almost 7,000 Instagram followers and 300+ 5-star Google Reviews), they plan to serve up as many donuts as possible with no signs of stopping.

Fort Collins Donut Co (foco doco) - Scrumpy's Hard Cider Bar and Pub, Home of Summit Hard Cider
Poster - Font
Design - Font