Elder Construction

Elder Construction, a multi-generational family-owned commercial construction company serving Colorado for more than 25 years, has partnered with OTM on various projects over the years, but one of our favorite projects to date was the environmental design of both of their two main offices in Windsor and Colorado Springs.

OTM leveraged blueprints of their actual offices, and tools (that they actually use), to create an immersive environmental design for their two physical spaces that emphasizes both their vision and their core values for all to see.


Environmental Design


  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Environmental Design
Core Values and Build Purpose into people wall at elder construction

Our Approach

With hundreds commercial construction companies throughout the state of Colorado, Elder Construction wanted to make sure that when an employee, client, or partner stepped foot in one of their offices – they would know what makes Elder different. Together, our creative team and their leadership team collaborated on a creative way to display their core values throughout their physical spaces through an environmental design combining vinyl decals, wall standoffs literally made out of tools, and multimedia displays.


At first, OTM was hired to create an environmental design for the Windsor location – but once the design came to life the Elder team asked us to package it up for their Colorado Springs office as well. Not only does it serve as a daily reminder to their team, but it showcases their commitment to their craft for everyone who steps foot in their office.