How OTM Streamlined Billing with Quickbooks Advanced and Commercial Credit Cards

At the start of 2023, OTM (yes, OUR team) faced several interconnected operational challenges. Our monthly billing process was cumbersome, taking three full days to complete, with no scalable solution in sight. The misalignment between proposal language and invoices required extensive manual adjustments. Additionally, using a single credit card for all client expenses led to complex reconciliations and limitations on setting up separate digital ad accounts. We needed a transformative solution to streamline our billing and expense processes.

A discussion with our bank about a commercial card program that allowed individual card numbers for each client sparked a series of initiatives. Throughout 2023 and into 2024, our Service Delivery Team, in collaboration with the broader OTM team, overhauled our billing processes, leveraging QuickBooks Advanced and customizing financial tools to achieve significant efficiencies.

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Our Approach

Upgraded to QuickBooks Advanced

This enhanced our importing capabilities and custom reporting. We also developed and tested import templates in a sandbox environment to ensure smooth integration.

Standardized Our Processes

We established a clear method for issuing client expense credit cards, automating the inclusion of proposal language in invoices, and implementing quarterly credit card audits.

Partnered with Our Bank

Partnering with our bank, we set up a commercial card account, customized the Visa Spend Clarity Enterprise platform, and issued individual client expense cards. We also created a process for authenticating ad accounts with clients.

Transitioned from Lump Sum to Itemized Invoicing

This improved efficiency, allowing us to auto-populate invoices with standardized forms and advanced reporting, ensuring consistency and accuracy.


We then brought these new processes to life through a comprehensive overhaul of our billing system, transforming our operational efficiency. This strategic update led to a 33.70% decrease in billing time and annual labor savings of $5,733.45.

Additionally, we achieved a 47.83% decrease in time spent reconciling expenses in 2023 and a 67.57% reduction from 2022 to 2023. The switch to individual client expense cards reduced reconciliation time from 6.65 hours to 3.3 hours per month, highlighting the significant improvements in our financial management.

Annual labor savings


Decrease in total billing time


Decrease in time reconciling expenses in 2023


Decrease in time reconciling expenses from 2022-2023