The Power of Remarketing

Any marketer knows that it’s far easier to keep an existing customer than create a new one. Remarketing is all about capitalizing on this principle.

But what exactly is remarketing?

Put simply, remarketing is the practice of segmenting consumers based on how they have interacted with your product in the past. One commonly used tactic in digital remarketing is to target “cart abandoners”, that is, customers who partially complete the checkout process, but (for whatever reason) exit the site before confirming their purchase. Perhaps the customer was surprised by a higher-than-anticipated shipping cost, and decided to continue shopping around. In order to close deals with this segment, you might present an ad or send an email with a message like the following:

Hey (customer name),

Your business is important to us. So here is a coupon for free shipping on (product x) valid through (DD/MM/YYYY).
This type of tactic can be a great way to personalize experiences for individual customers, and increase brand loyalty. Besides cart abandoners, other common segments used in remarketing include:

  • Frequent or high-value customers who have not recently made a purchase
  • Customers who repeatedly purchase on regular time intervals
  • Site visitors who have viewed a product page (but not added the item to their cart)
  • Site visitors who have viewed your home or about page, demonstrating interest in your brand or organization

All of these customer segments (and infinitely more) can be used in creating a more personalized, and thus more powerful digital marketing campaign. Ask us what we can do to help you utilize remarketing for your business.