Old Town, Here We Are

Old Town Fort CollinsOld Town Fort Collins. We love it so much, we named our company after it. Now that we’re finally unpacked and settled into our new 400 Remington office, we’ve had some time to enjoy lunch times and happy hours, we’re back into the swing of downtown life – and ready to tell you about some of our favorite parts of Old Town Fort Collins.

Miles Kailburn, CEO/Founder: As a business owner, its just a much more vibrant atmosphere to be in the middle of downtown. We’re surrounded by people headed to meetings, working in their offices and helping drive the Fort Collins economy. It feels great to be part of a community that’s so closely connected.

Vallene Kailburn, Art Director/Founder: I love the energy downtown! The neighborhood is so full of locally owned restaurants and businesses, it gives everything a very unique feel. Even better? We get to support all these great neighborhood eateries and boutiques every time we head out.

Kerrie Luginbill, Creative Director/Partner: Maybe it’s just spring fever talking, but I’m really looking forward to partaking of patios everywhere downtown. There’s nothing better than drinking wine on a patio at Coopersmith’s, on the roof of Mainline, or out front of Blind Pig. I’m really looking forward to adding Ginger & Baker and The Emporium to my rotation this spring!

Katie Hutmacher, Designer: I love the alleys downtown. That sounds like a weird thing to say if you haven’t been down here, but the cobblestones, the pedestrian- and bike-friendly lanes and the art everywhere make strolling around a treat.

Stacia Fortenbery, Digital Strategy Specialist: There’s probably nothing more Fort Collins than bikes and beer, and Old Town is chock full of each of them. Whether I’m riding my bike to work or just stopping by for a locally brewed craft beer at any one of the bars and craft breweries in the neighborhood.

Matt Schild, Brand Strategy Specialist: We’re literally a five-minute walk from Old Town Library. I can pick up anything on reserve on my way home without moving my car, or browse the stacks during lunch. Man, I’m a nerd.

Spencer Flores, Developer: You know what I like? Eating lunch. And I can walk basically anywhere I want when I want to grab a bite to eat. American food? Yep. Seafood? It’s here. Indian food, sushi and pizza? Check. Vegetarian options? I have literally no idea.

Mollie Coniglio, Digital Specialist: I like the rooftop restaurants/bars and the local shops. You have the choices of a big-city experience, but the kindness and attitude of Fort Collins living that we all love. It’s basically the best of all worlds.

Rebecca Ellington, Public Relations Specialist: I joined the OTM team when we were in our south location, so the move to Old Town really makes it fee like we’re really in the heart of Fort Collins. Being walking distance to the shops and restaurants is a nice touch as well.