New Location, New Brand, Same Great Results

OTM logo


Old Town Media is back in old town! And we have a new look to go along with our Old Town location.

We’re still unpacking boxes, getting our desks set up and meeting our neighbors at our new Old Town Location at 400 Remington. (Seriously, we’re so over moving at this point, rest assured we’ll be here a long, long time). After a year in our “temporary” office, we’re thrilled to be back downtown.

We literally just moved in this morning, so the place is about as disheveled, as you’d expect. Between settling in and staying on top of our clients’ needs, we have our hands full in the immediate-term future. But be on the lookout for an invite to our open house. The team and I can’t wait to show you around!

Almost as exciting as moving into our new forever home, we also gave the Old Town Media brand a refresh. As the company’s grown and we’ve discovered our strengths, we figured christening a new building would be a great time to roll out a new brand.

First off, we’re being practical: You call us OTM. We call ourselves OTM. The new logo cuts out those pesky, unnecessary syllables and keystrokes to embrace the shorthand. As we integrate marketing deeper into our DNA, it’s time to move on to an identity that showcases that. We’re not cutting our past loose, though: As you can see, the new logo references our roots as a web agency, making a nod toward the three-letter top-level domain and file extension structure. We also have a fresh, contemporary color scheme to go with it.

It’s an exciting fresh start at Old Town Media (I mean, OTM). We’re excited to show you what that rest of 2018 will bring. It starts with our Old Town location, but that’ just the tip of the iceberg.