My website just went live, why am I not being found?

This is a questions we get a lot over here at Old Town Media. We put a site live and within a day or two we will have the client call up and wonder why when they type in a generic term like ‘doctor’ are they not being found on google. Here are some important things to consider with your new website:

1. If this is a brand new site, you have no past Google rankings work off of

2. There are millions of websites out there that you are competing with

3. Google only crawls your site about once a month and places you

4. It takes months and even years to be on the first page of Google. Try as they may, you cannot simply buy your way to the first page, if this was true, everyone would be on the first page 🙂

5. Keep active with your search engine optimization. Constantly add good quality content to your site on a regular basis. This will help your SEO tremendously

6. If you need a little boost, adwords can definitely help, but should not be relied on as your only source of marketing